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0.55 - 1200kW (0.75 - 1500 HP)

Parker Hannifin

The Parker AC890 series asynchronous variable speed drive is a range of compact, modular system drives. It is designed to drive all types of AC motors - induction, servo or torque motors - with or without a speed sensor.

Compatible with a wide range of speed sensors, the AC890 drive is compatible with all types of AC motor and all types of speed/position feedback. So you don't have to modify or change your existing motors to get optimum performance. It is available in 380-500V three-phase from 0.55 to 1200kW and in 220V-240V from 0.55 to 7.5kW.

The AC890 drive can be configured in 4 different modes:

  • V/F control This operating mode is ideal for single or multi-motor applications on induction motors.
  • Sensorless control for induction and servo motors
  • Thanks to the advanced algorithm, the inverter controls the motor in speed or torque without the use of a speed sensor. This operating mode is available for both induction and servo motors.
  • Flux vector control and servo motor control with sensor

For optimum performance, we recommend fitting the motor with a speed sensor. Controlled by the AC890 inverter, the motor is then capable of delivering 100% of its rated torque at zero speed. This maximizes dynamic speed performance, meeting the needs of the most demanding servo and induction motor applications.

Regeneration of energy to the grid (AFE)

Configured in this mode, the AC890 behaves like a 4-quadrant AC-DC power supply, with power factor equal to 1. Mains harmonics are extremely low (THDI < 5%).