Motors for high-speed applications

The Hyperion X; a range of motors specially developed for high-speed direct-drive applications, automotive and aerospace test benches, turbo-compressors and gas and bio-gas turbines.

From 0.5 kW to 600 kW, with speeds from ranging from 1,000 to 80,000 rpm, the motor range offers a wide choice of easily configurable options.
0 rpm
Maximum speed
Energy efficiency
Available windings
A wide choice

26 Sizes available motors

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HYPERION X Motors for high-speed applications
HYPERION X Motors for high-speed applications
  • Power operation constant in service S1
  • No drive oversizing
  • Adaptor shrink disc for all torque meters on the market
  • Integrated temperature sensors in bearings and stator
  • Vibration sensors integrated on 3 axes X, Y, Z
  • Wear sensor optional bearings
  • Numerous encoder returns available (Solver, sin/cos or incremental)
  • High compactness and water cooling
amphenol powerlock Hyperion X quick connector

AMPHENOL POWERLOCK quick connector

- No terminal box
- Up to 1000 A available
- Integrated cable shielding
- Contact presence connectors included

Hyperion X carbon rotor

Optional carbon rotor

- Maximum acceleration
up to 150,000 Rpm/s
- 40% lighter than a standard steel rotor
- Increased magnetic flux

Hyperion X triple angular contact ceramic bearings

Triple angular-contact ceramic bearings

- High-speed mounting up to 100,000 rpm
- Power up to 600 kW

Voltage attenuator (SNUBBERS) Hyperion X

Voltage attenuator (SNUBBERS)

Limits the impact of long cable runs

Hyperion X front and rear bearing temperature sensors

Front and rear bearing temperature sensors

Real-time temperature monitoring of bearings and windings

8 Hyperion X mounting points

8 mounting points

- Increased engine rigidity
- Integrated alignment adjustment screws

Different types of Hyperion X driveshaft

Different types of drive shaft

- Smooth shaft
- Splined shaft
- Frette couple meter

6 accelerometers and Hyperion X thread cache

- Up to 6 accelerometers
- Integrated cable cover for better cable management

Water inlet / outlet right and left Hyperion X

Right and left water inlet/outlet as standard

-Easy bench integration
-Choice of connection


HYPERION X - Motors for high-speed applications

HYPERION X catalog - Motors for high-speed applications

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