Our business lines

Tech Drive studies and designs all your projects in industrial automation and synchronous & asynchronous speed variation.

Drawing up studies, electrical diagrams, creating cabinets & boxes and wiring installations on site.

Test benches

  • High-speed, high-power applications (30,000 rpm and more).
  • Calculation of high-speed shafting and associated frames.
  • Water-cooled motors and chiller-type water chillers.
  • AFE-type low harmonic power supply system.
  • Application in high-dynamic force control with electric or hydraulic actuator systems.


  • Motorized rewinders / unwinders, battery-powered or pantine-powered.
  • Bell winder.
  • Control of assembly and bending machines.
  • Management of multi-pass wire-drawing machines with pass skip via fast fieldbus.
  • Motorized winder with stop control and automatic spool filling.

Special machines

  • Supply of linear drive systems such as rodless cylinders, belt pulleys, ball screws, linear motors, tubular motors.
  • Pick-and-place servomotors or electronic cam systems synchronized with a virtual master.
  • Application in force or torque regulation for screwing and tightening applications.
  • Push-to-fit crimping application


  • Motorization of rolling mill stands, tension band, pantine or pit coilers/unwinders.
  • Motorization of forming and slitting machines.
  • Management of cut-to-length sheet metal feeds for guillotine cutting, motorization of carriages for cutting or punching on the fly.
  • Retrofit of a sheet metal cutting machine synchronized with the cutter.
  • Stamping press motorization.


  • Management of rewinders in traction, axial or pope type.
  • Slitting line motorization.
  • Print application tracked by product top reading, or synchronism and angular registers with respect to a virtual master.
  • Control of cuttings on the fly with or without a rotary cutter.
  • Retrofit of typical Cobden Shadwick varnishing and printing machines.


  • Motorization of extruders in conventional asynchronous and DC variation, or with a torque motor integrating the screw stop.
  • Calender drive with torque distribution system, servo-controlled air gap adjustment.
  • Management of end-of-line winders or palletizers.