Parker electrical cabinet
Machine retrofit and electrical installation
Industrial cooling
Parker hydraulic power plant
Industrial cooling

Our areas of expertise

Electrical cabinets

Tech Drive studies, designs and installs all electrical cabinets integrating speed variation, automation and instrumentation. Our expertise in industrial electricity enables us to support you in all your projects, from electrical upgrades to new projects.

Machine retrofit and electrical installation

We analyze your production process and tools to optimize maintenance and improve productivity. Our design office and project managers follow the project through to commissioning.

Integration of lightweight 7-axis cobots

Productivity and optimized manufacturing costs are at the heart of our industry. As industrial equipment becomes faster and more precise, we need to integrate and supply robots. Whether Cartesian or Poly-articulated, we'll choose the one best suited to your needs.

Industrial and process cooling

You're looking for a chilled water or temperature control system ranging from a few kilowatts to several hundred kilowatts. In partnership with PARKER HANNIFIN, we can support you in supplying your entire system. From the definition of your needs to the delivery of the entire system and its commissioning.