Tech Drive partner Parker Hannifinon drives

Installation and maintenance

Drive installation and commissioning

- Sizing of drive and protection devices.
- Cabinet integration.
- Renovation or new construction.
- Programming and commissioning.
- EMC compliance and network analysis.


Did you know?

Tech Drive has a large stock of DC series drives in three-phase supply voltage (220- 500 Volts 50/60 Hz) 100 % digital 2Q and 4Q, suitable for all types of DC motor applications.

Tech Drive is at your service for planned interventions or emergency repairs, including integration and parameterization.

Electrical design and engineering

Our design office enables us to respond to our customers' requests as quickly as possible, and then design tailor-made solutions for all types of business problems.

Electrical engineering for industrial equipment: whether for new projects, upgrades or retrofits, the design office oversees the project from feasibility study to production start-up.

Power network analysis and audit

We bring our knowledge of industrial electrical networks to bear on a wide range of issues. From voltage quality analysis to harmonic measurement, active, apparent, reactive and distorting power, power factor, cosine phi, voltage variations, frequency measurement, phase shifting, etc.

We draw up a detailed report on your entire network.

Product repair

It is sometimes difficult to replace an existing product on a production line, because of its cost, technical nature or lead time.

With the aim of saving money and monitoring equipment, we repair all variable speed drives, electric motors and associated electronics, whether old or new generation.


We are approved trainers for all the products we supply, so we can offer you regular training courses and workshops on relevant subjects.

Our certified trainers are long-standing experts in your field and look forward to working with you.

On-site commissioning

We support you in the commissioning of all our equipment, from simple variable speed drives to complete line processes, right through to production start-up.

For all service requests, please contact us at