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Industrial Cobot KASSOW KR810

Robust, fast Kassow KR810 industrial cobot with 850 mm reach and 10 kg payload. Easy programming thanks to our special Kassow intuitive user interface.

Kassow KR810 Industrial Cobot


Payload : 10 kg
Reach in all directions : 850 mm
Weight : 23.5 kg
Degrees of freedom : 7
Repeatability : +/- 0.1 mm
Joint speed (deg/sec) : 225
IP specification : IP54

KR810 industrial cobot - Kassow Robots

Technical data Kassow KR810 :

General specifications Kassow KR810
Span (mm) 850
Payload (kg) 10
weight (kg) 24
Joint speed (deg/sec) 225
Common ranges J2 and J4: -70°/+180°. J1, J3, J5, J6 and J7: ±360°.
Joint brakes Yes
Absolute encoders on joints Yes
Repeatability (mm) +/- 0,1
Degrees of freedom 7
Footprint (mm) 130×130
Operating temperature (C ° ) 0-45
Body material Anodized aluminum
Security Kassow KR810
Protection class IP54
Working without shielding Yes*
Shock control Yes
150 N safety force limit on tool Yes
I/O controller Kassow KR810
Digital outputs 24V (pcs) 8
Relay outputs (pcs) 4
Digital inputs 3-30V (pcs) 16
Analog I/O 0-10 V (pcs) 2/2
Analog I/O 4-20mA (pcs) 2/2

*Any robot installation should always be assessed on an individual basis to determine its suitability for unshielded work. Contact us