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Industrial Cobot KASSOW KR1018

The Kassow KR1018 industrial cobot is a lightweight, robust robot (payload: 18 kg, reach: 1000 mm, weight: 34 kg) for precise, repetitive pick & place tasks requiring high force. Intuitive user interface and plug & play design.


Payload : 18 kg
Reach in all directions : 1000 mm
Weight : 34 kg
Degrees of freedom : 7
Repeatability : +/- 0.1 mm
Joint speed (deg/sec) : 170/225
IP specification : IP54

KR1018 industrial cobot - Kassow Robots

Technical data Kassow KR1018 :

General specifications Kassow KR1018
Span (mm) 1000
Payload (kg) 18
weight (kg) 34
Joint speed (deg/sec) 170/225
Common ranges J2 and J4: -70°/+180°. J1, J3, J5, J6 and J7: ±360°.
Joint brakes Yes
Absolute encoders on joints Yes
Repeatability (mm) +/- 0,1
Degrees of freedom 7
Footprint (mm) 160×160
Operating temperature (C ° ) 0-45
Body material Anodized aluminum
Security Kassow KR1018
Protection class IP54
Working without shielding Yes*
Shock control Yes
150 N safety force limit on tool Yes
I/O controller Kassow KR1018
Digital outputs 24V (pcs) 8
Relay outputs (pcs) 4
Digital inputs 3-30V (pcs) 16
Analog I/O 0-10 V (pcs) 2/2
Analog I/O 4-20mA (pcs) 2/2

*Any robot installation should always be assessed on an individual basis to determine its suitability for unshielded work. Contact us