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High-pressure in-line hydraulic oil filter - Parker EPF IPROTECT series


Parker's EPF high-pressure hydraulic oil filter series provides high-efficiency filtration for equipment in demanding environments, including mining, construction, marine, drilling and agricultural applications. A unique feature of the Parker EPF series is that the filter element remains inside the filter bowl during replacement. This configuration saves 500 mm over conventional high-pressure filters on the market. The filter element core is also reusable, reducing waste by up to 50 % compared with conventional filters with non-reusable elements.

- High-efficiency Quantµmfiber™ glass backing increases particle and dirt retention capacity.
- Flow rate up to 700 L/min (185 GPM)
- Pressure ratings up to 450 bar (6,500 psi)
- Fluorocarbon or nitrile sealing material (suitable for mineral and vegetable oils, as well as some synthetic oils)
- Operating temperature range (depending on sealing material) : -40 to +120°C (0 to +250°F)
- Various types of indicators available, including visual, electrical or steel tips
- Prevents damage to hydraulic circuits or machinery caused by dirt, sand, dust, metal, etc.
- Extends maintenance intervals, reduces operating costs and extends the overall life of equipment/machines
- Compact filter design saves up to 500 mm of space compared to conventional in-line hydraulic filters
- Reusable element core and patented filtration technology reduce waste by up to 50 % compared with conventional filters with non-reusable elements
- Intelligent design minimizes the likelihood of installation errors
- Can be fitted with optional reverse flow. This valve assembly is integrated into the element end cap and isolates the filter media in the event of reverse flow.
- Protected after-sales service to guarantee the use of genuine products to protect equipment/machines.
- OEM labelling opportunities

- On-board and mobile cranes
- Skidders
- Hydraulic presses
- Marine guidance units
- Power supply units
- Hydraulic excavators
- Harvesters
- Telescopic cranes
- Wheel loaders
- Drilling equipment
- Industrial power supply units
- Wind turbines

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