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Parker Hannifin
Hyperchill Laser Parker

Parker Hyperchill BioEnergy water coolers are designed to ensure ultra-precise cooling of water used in laser engraving, cutting and welding processes.

The performance of high-power lasers depends on efficient cooling. High-power lasers generate a significant amount of heat, which must be removed from the laser system to avoid overheating critical components. CO2 lasers, excimer lasers, ion lasers, solid-state lasers and organic dye lasers all use liquid cooling to remove excess heat. Cooling the liquids used in laser technology achieves three objectives:

- Ensuring precise laser wavelength and greater efficiency
- Optimum beam quality
- Reduce thermal stress on a laser system.

- Complete solution, easy to install and manage
- Non-ferrous hydraulic circuit with water tank made of non-ferrous materials
- A differential pressure switch ensures system shutdown if the circuit runs dry.
- Maximum ambient temperature up to 48°C on standard units, tropicalization up to 53°C
- Scroll compressors (on ICEP007 and higher)
- Low ambient temperature speed control (optional)
- Compact design offers space-saving, easy-to-install solution
- High reliability and low power consumption even under extreme environmental conditions
- The non-ferrous hydraulic circuit preserves coolant quality, ensuring stable operating conditions, improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs.

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