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Parker Hannifin

Bosch Rexroth drive
XMD Two-axis inverter

The XMD dual-axis inverters in the ctrlX DRIVE portfolio receive a DC voltage and transform it into a regulated AC output voltage with variable frequency and amplitude, powering two motors.

Inverters are supplied with power from the intermediate loop of XVE or XVR power supply units or XCS or XCD converters. Further optional function packages for demanding applications are available via the standard runtime, which enables the implementation of most drive applications. Depending on the control options, the hardware can be extended with ctrlX SAFETY for safety-related applications up to SIL3.

XMD Two-axis inverter
  • Maximum current [A] : 606 - 7070

  • With or without control panel

  • Air cooling or cold plate

  • Multi-encoder interface

  • Ethernet or Ethernet with M8 connector

  • STO or SafeMotion