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Parker Hannifin
Explosion-proof actuators (ATEX) - EX series

Technical specifications:

- Motor type: Permanent magnet synchronous motors
- Size: 70 - 155mm
- Torque range: 1.75 to 35 Nm
- Speed range: 2000...7600 min-1
- Number of poles: 10
- Mounting: Flange with plain holes
- Mechanical interface: Smooth solid shaft (standard) / Keyed solid shaft (optional)
- Speed/position sensor: 2-pole resolver (standard) / EnDat absolute encoder (optional) / Hiperface absolute encoder (optional)
- Thermal protection: Thermocontacts and thermofuses integrated into the winding
- Other options: Parking brake


- Explosion-proof servomotors
- Available in CE or UL versions
- High dynamic performance
- Compact and robust
- Maintenance-free


- Food, Pharmaceuticals and Beverages
- Forming machines
- Printing machines
- Hazardous or explosive environment
- Paint robots

Parker's EX series of explosion-proof (ATEX) brushless servomotors is a range of servomotors designed for use in explosive atmospheres. The EX series is capable of withstanding an internal explosion without risk of propagation to the surrounding environment. Two versions are available, conforming to the ATEX 94/9/CE directive and to the North American UL standard.

With their innovative 10-pole design, they feature excellent motion quality, high acceleration and deceleration, and high torque density over a wide speed range. Different winding variants and numerous options offer maximum flexibility.