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Parker Hannifin
High-speed motors for test benches - MGV

- Foot (B3) or flange and foot (B34) mounting
- Mechanical interface
- Smooth solid shaft
- Flange with centering
- Legs with threaded holes for easy adjustment during alignment operations
- 2-pole resolver
- Steel or ceramic bearings, depending on speed
- Thermal protection with 1 PTC and 1 KTY84-130 sensor
- 2 threaded holes (front and rear) for bearing temperature measurement
- 2 threaded holes (front and rear) for vibration measurement
- Terminal box for power connection and encoder signals

- High maximum speeds eliminate the need for mechanical gearboxes
- Low inertia for ultra-fast acceleration/deceleration
- Constant power operation (defluxing mode) above rated speed to avoid oversizing the drive
- Water-cooled for compactness and low noise levels
- High dynamic capabilities to faithfully reproduce the actual operating conditions of the products tested
- Compactness

Documentation française

Documentation française

English documentation

Parker MGV series permanent magnet synchronous brushless motors are innovative direct drive solutions, specially designed for applications requiring high speeds and low inertias. In qualification processes, Parker MGV high-speed brushless motors are successfully used on test benches for automotive and aerospace components (starters, pumps, alternators, gearboxes, etc.).

With their exceptional dynamic performance, Parker MGV series engines can generate fast-response operating cycles and meet a wide range of simulation requirements: urban cycle speed, car racing, combustion engine speed acyclism, etc...