Parker Hannifin

Direct acting proportional spool valves - Parker D1FB OBE/D3FB OBE series


Parker's D1FB OBE series direct-acting proportional valves in NG06 / CETOP 03 version and D3FB OBE in NG10 / CETOP 05 version are designed to accommodate a wide range of flow rates for open-loop systems. The high level of valve-to-valve reproducibility and low hysteresis enable standard-performance valves to be adapted to basic closed-loop configurations.

Parker D1FB and D3FB spool valves can be ordered with a spool/body design (D*FB*0) for optimum precision, or with a spool/body design (D*FB*3) for high nominal flow rates.

- Spool/plunger and spool/body design enables versatile applications for maximum precision or high nominal flow rates
- Zero overlap spool, suitable for simple closed-loop systems
- Low hysteresis for improved reproducibility, processing accuracy and product precision
- High level of dynamics and throughput - optimized processing speed
- On-board digital electronics for individual parameterization thanks to full data access
- Quick, easy setup for simplified installation
- Manual override for powerless valve actuation
- Short delivery times, no warehousing required
- Excellent price-performance ratio
- Suitable for a wide range of hydraulic applications
- Machine tools
- Tire presses

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