Parker Hannifin

Pilot operated proportional spool valves - Parker series D*1FB OBE


Parker D*1FC series pilot-controlled proportional directional valves feature a high-precision displacement measurement system, which improves processing accuracy and simplifies parameter programming.

Parker D*1FC series proportional directional valves feature a modern, high-definition displacement measurement system. The user-friendly, free ProPxD software provides access to the valve electronics parameters. The integrated diagnostics function also enables optimum configuration.

- High-quality mechanical design; pilot-operated spool valve via the tried-and-tested D1FB spool valve with spool/sleeve for high-precision pilot control
- Progressive flow features for sensitive flow adjustment
- Low hysteresis for improved reproducibility, processing accuracy and product precision
- High level of dynamics for demanding open-loop applications
- High flow rate for optimum efficiency in relation to valve size
- Parameter programming via Parker's ProPxD software for quick and easy parameter setting
- Excellent price-performance ratio - rapid return on investment
- Short delivery times - no warehousing required
- Optional central position sensor
- Optional differential function for low-energy circuits with differential actuators
- Optional switchable hybrid version capable of switching between differential and standard mode at any time
- Version with EtherCAT® interface, 2 x 4-pin M12x1 connectors (EtherCAT® input and EtherCAT® output)

- All types of presses
- Tire presses
- Machine tools
- Injection molding

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