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Parker Hannifin

The Parker 514C regenerative DC analog variable speed drive is part of a range of 4-quadrant drives for controlling DC motors from a single-phase supply. It is ideal for applications involving driving loads or where fast, precise deceleration is required. Together with the Parker 514C non-regenerative analog drive, they offer the ideal solution for low-power single and multi-motor applications.

Standards :

CE conformity to EN50178 (Safety, Low Voltage Directive)

CE compliant to EN61800-3 (EMC Directive) with external filter

NTRL certified to US UL508C standard

NTRL certified to Canadian standard C22.2 #14


  • 4-quadrant control with energy feedback
  • Power supply 110...500 VAC jumper selectable
  • CE marking and EMC compatibility
  • AC line contactor control and power supply
  • Numerous system features
  • Highly linear control loops

User functions:

  • 4-quadrant control with energy feedback
  • Separate AC auxiliary power supply
  • Line contactor control
  • Torque or speed control
  • Three setpoint inputs and torque limit
  • Analog current output (10 V, 10 mA)
  • Analog reference supply +10 V and -10 V
  • Digital reference supply +24 V
  • Drive ready output
  • Analog speed and ramp outputs (10 V, 10 mA)
  • Total setpoint analog output (10 V, 10 mA)
  • Zero speed / zero setpoint output

Potentiometer settings:

  • Maximum speed / current limit
  • Acceleration and deceleration times (0...40 s)
  • IR compensation
  • Current loop gain - proportional and integral
  • Speed loop gain - proportional and integral
  • Zero speed threshold or offset