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Parker Hannifin

Isolated control circuits, a host of user features and highly linear control loops make the Parker 512C analog DC speed controller ideal for low-power single or multi-motor applications.

Designed for single-phase operation, the 512C provides speed or torque control of DC motors with permanent magnets or separate excitation. Typical applications - centrifugal pumps and fans, extruders and mixers, small paper converting machines.

From 4 to 32A, DC512C 2-quadrant analog drives are ideal for low-power single or multi-motor applications requiring speed or torque control of permanent magnet or separately excited DC motors.

  • Fully isolated control circuits
  • 110 V...415 V power supply, jumper selectable
  • CE marking and EMC compatibility
  • Multiple speed and current setpoint inputs
  • Zero speed and drive ready outputs
  • Highly linear control loops

Standards :

  • CE conformity to EN50178 (Safety, Low Voltage Directive)
  • CE compliant to EN61800-3 (EMC Directive) with external filter
  • NTRL certified to US UL508C standard
  • NTRL certified to Canadian standard C22.2 #14

Installation/diagnosis :

  • Supply voltage selection
  • Speed or torque control
  • Speed or torque output
  • Motor excitation output 3A
  • Overcurrent and rotor lock diagnostic LEDs
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Speed output 10V, 10mA
  • Current output 7.5V, 10mA
  • Ramp output For master/slave daisy-chaining
  • 10VDC power supply output (10mA)
  • Setpoint lock input
  • Drive ready output
  • Zero speed/setpoint output

Potentiometer settings:

  • Maximum speed
  • Minimum speed
  • Time
  • acceleration (1-15 seconds)
  • deceleration (1-15 seconds)
  • Speed stability
  • IR compensation