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Compact IP20 & IP66 drives for simple, reliable motor control in everyday applications

Parker Hannifin

The Parker AC10 asynchronous variable speed drive offers simple, cost-effective motor control for everyday applications requiring speed or torque control in the 0.2 to 180 kW power range.

With compact dimensions and features normally associated with high-function drives, including sensorless vector mode, output frequency up to 590 Hz, three-phase 400-volt power supply for all 5 sizes, and overload capability of 150 % at 0.5 Hz for 1 minute, the AC10 provides an optimum solution for machine builders looking for a compact, cost-effective drive without compromising performance.

- Simplicity: the AC10 is designed to reduce installation, configuration and commissioning time and effort, thanks to its integrated keypad. Minimal wiring requirements and two easily accessible rails enable the AC10 to be mounted quickly and easily, guaranteeing rapid commissioning. Sensorless vector mode auto-tuning, in addition to simple V/Hz control, enables users requiring greater speed or torque dynamics for their application to benefit from improved accuracy of 0.5 % in speed and 5 % in torque.

- Reliability: Proven technologies and manufacturing techniques enable the AC10 drive to deliver high levels of performance, day after day, ensuring maximum availability and productivity. Thanks to its coated electronic board, the AC10 is able to withstand the most demanding Class 3C3 environments, unlike many other drives, enabling the AC10 to operate with the utmost reliability in a wide range of applications.

- Fingertip control: The AC10 comes with an ergonomic operator keypad as standard, with 4 Dels indicating drive status, a 7-segment 4-digit display and a membrane touchpad. In addition to displaying status and current information, the display is also used for accessing drive configuration parameters, which can be quickly and easily modified from the keypad. The keypad can also be used to take control of the motor to start, stop, increase or decrease speed. An optional keypad is also available for remote mounting.

- IP20 (0.2 - 180kW) / IP66 (0.4 - 90kW): The IP66 enclosure allows use in indoor and outdoor applications where environmental conditions may be a concern, such as washing areas in the food industry, waste processing plants or rooftop units.