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Parker Hannifin

Parker OSP series trapezoidal screw electric linear actuators with integral plain-bearing guide and rod extension are suitable for intermittent applications and provide self-locking and excellent low-speed characteristics.

Based on the ORIGA rodless cylinder, proven in tens of thousands of applications, Parker offers the most complete solution for linear movements.

Designed for absolute reliability, high displacement performance, simple handling and optimized construction, ORIGA SYSTEM PLUS can overcome the most difficult assembly situations.

The ORIGA SYSTEM PLUS is a complete modular system that offers the possibility of combining pneumatic and electric drives with guideways for all types of application.

The actuators, which form the heart of the system, are made of an anodized aluminum profile with double dovetail grooves on three sides. These are the main components of the system, to which all modular options can be directly attached.

System Modular

- Screw drive
For applications with high thrust, where precision and motion control are required

- Belt drive
For dynamic, long-stroke applications where precision and motion control are required

- Pneumatic drive
for a wide range of applications with extremely simple handling, combined with the simplest control options and a wide performance range. Ideal for fast, recurring travel and simple moving tasks

- 18 guideway versions offering solutions for every application
- Compact, easily retrofittable solutions
- Spool valves and control elements that can be mounted on cylinders
- Numerous options to create the right cylinder for every application