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PAC BOX Box solutions - ESA BOX 1000 & BOX ARM

PAC solutions from ESA BOX 1000 and ARM are ideal for companies that need to integrate PLCs, CNCs, motion control and IT servers, but also wish to delegate the human interface with the PAC application to an external device.

  • Available without OS or with OS Windows X86
  • Can be used as a "master or slave HMI architecture" to control the device from an external application.
  • Possibility of hosting HMI pages managed by standard devices or by a remote desktop application.
Windows Real Time Based CNC System BOX 1000 - BOX CNC
CPU Intel Atom D525 Dual Core 1.86 GHz
Main Storage memory 1, flash disks (differect sizes avilable)
Serial Ports 1x RS232
Universal Serial Port Bus - USB 4x USB 2.0
Mouse and Keyboard 1x PS/2 port
Integrated Sound card 1x Audio port set (jack 3,5 mm for audio line output , mic input)
Field Bus 3x CAN BUS , prot. Can Open (+3 optional)
Lan Ethernet 1x Ethernet 10:100:1000
Box Arm
CPU Cortex M3 / Arm 7
Digital input 20x PNP, with LED status indicator
Digital outputs 20x solid state 24Vdc PNP, max current 1,2A each, divided in 3 groups (three different output supply common input) (8+8+4) with LED status indicator
Analog inputs 6x resolution 12 bit,
configurable by jumpers as 0-10V, 4-20ma
4 Axes 4x encoder input (zero ) Line Driver or Open Collector/Push Pull, voltage 12 or 5V (configurable by jumper) (bandwidth: 1,5 Mhz) - 4x analog output +-10V 12 bit - 4x PWM output or 4x stepper outputs (step + direction)
Main Flash storage memory 1x removable SD Flash 1 GB
Serial Ports 2x RS232 + 1x RS485
Lan Ethernet - Teleservice 1x Ethernet TCP /IP - Ftp compatible - Modbus/TCP server, with remote desktop function
Universal Serial Bus Port - USB 1x USB 2.0 for pen drive
Field Bus 2x CAN BUS MASTER , Can Open protocol
Real Time Clock (RTC) 1x Real Time Clock: 24 hours with SCHEDULER (real calendar)

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